Our Hotel is a family-run business. This very distinctive quality allow us to relate to our customers in a more familiar and friendly way so that we can satisfy every single request. In our hotel the customers never feels ignored, on the contrary they feel always at ease, “cuddled” and, above all, all our staff do their best to regularly fulfil all their desires.


Alike everything in our hotel you’ll notice that even the cuisine has a marvellous home-made taste. In the morning, in our panoramic “breakfast room” with soft music, you’ll find a reach continental breakfast. In our “restaurant room” you’ll find an abundant salad buffet and a menu that will satisfy every culinary wishes, with special typical nights or candlelit dinners. As well as our familiar atmosphere, our cooks’ cuisine is refined and with particular attention to the lightness and simplicity of meals.


All the rooms are brand new. During the last restructuring all rooms have been modified in order to put all comforts at your disposal. Every room is provided with beds with transverse staves, orthopaedic mattress and hypoallergenic material. Moreover: air conditioning, TV, Phone, bathroom with shower… all inclusive! We just need to know which room location you wish! Contact us and we’ll be happy to please you even on this.